The cartographical center of the world, Europe is a multilingual, multicultural land of wonders. It is home to 50 countries and 225 languages, which is more than the Americas and Australia combined. Joined by the Schegen Area agreement, half of Europe is borderless, which means no military control and no passports. Wherever you’re in Europe, you’re usually a single hassle free train ride away from immersing yourself in a wholly new culture. 

As a tourist destination, Europe has anything and everything to offer. The southeast coastline of the Baltic sea is dotted with stunning beaches and breathtaking natural scenery, while further inwards, Central Europe is, on numerous levels, the unofficial center of the world. A heterogeneous mix of cultures, it is a center of attraction for the whole world. The scenery consists of vast plains nestled between the majestic Alps, while forests diverse in flaura and fauna are spread throughout. Numerous rivers thread thorough the lands, sustaining the civilization and completing its beauty. France, known as the land of earthly pleasures, is a cultural haven for artists and art-enthusiasts of all kind. Germany is a scenic country representing modern excellence, perhaps inspired by its vastly rich and turbulent history.

Further south, Bulkan countries such as Macedonia and Alabania consist of charming and picturesque towns which offer a unique multicultural and multilingual experience. Italy is famous for its beautiful cities seeped in culture and history, and is also home to Vatican city, the smallest country in the world and the center of Christianity. To the south-east is Greece, the most sunny country in Europe overlooking the Mediterranean Sea; it has visually stunning beaches and a history more ancient than western civilization. Towards the east are the remnants of the USSR Split surrounding the black sea, offering a surprisingly heterogeneous landscape consisting of lakes, forests, vast plains and mountains, and equally as much vineyards, fortifications and monumental buildings. 

Across the Baltic sea, the Nordic countries offer a taste of harsh nature. Uninhabitable icecaps, beautiful snowcapped mountains, active volcanoes and sub-zero temperatures form part of an ever present scenery. The Scandinavian culture there is a beautiful exhibition of human coexistence. The languages are more or less similar, and schools are often trilingual. There is significant political cooperation through the nordic Council and the policies are often focused towards cultural development and preservation. It has a rich history, and the landscape is dotted with citadels and museums as well as forest, lakes, glaciers and geysers. It’s a cooperative society in the midst of beautiful nature. 

Western Europe comprises mainly of the United Kingdom, perhaps historically the greatest political force in the world. The northern islands consist of characteristic rolling landscapes, scenic beauty and temperate climate. Famous for its landscape that consists as much natural beauty as architectural excellence, home to the Prime Meridian timeline, birthplace of Shakespeare and the world’s best Oxford University; England is a multicultural, modern and central force in world. To the south are Spain and Portugual known for their cultural diversity and relatively sunny climate. The cities are known to be lively and friendly, with picturesque landscapes and a rich culture. 

On the whole, Europe can said to be a bustling and beautiful continent, with an infinite variety of tastes, languages, cultures and people,  all packed within a landmass area only slightly larger than that of the United States; a fitting center of the world. 


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