By our lonesome

However pointless life may seem to be, we, the thinking beings of this world, can’t stop trying to find some semblance of meaning; can’t stop believing that what we do, what we think, matters. We believe that somewhere along the line, our choices and our actions will lead us to a goal that will give us happiness. We rely on our friends, girlfriends, partners, brothers to be our compatriots on this journey towards the discovery of meaning and happiness. We discover our “soul-mates” and choose to spend our lives with them. But who of all these people, anyone from all your relationships, truly and completely knows what it is to be you?  Why is it that instead of knowing our own selves, we choose to find solace in the limited knowledge of others? How can we expect anyone else to know us, when we don’t know ourselves, when they don’t know themselves?
What are we looking for in love? Is it possible that harboring under the delusion that our significant other knows us and forgives us for our shortcomings, we find an escape to the challenge of dealing with ourselves? To say ‘I love you’, one must first know the I.
We’re all separate, single, unique. Friendship,  kinship, is where the magic lies. Knowing that despite being alone, we’re never lonely, is a blessing I’m forever thankful for. But in this journey of life, we all have to tread our paths by our lonesome.


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